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Wellcome to the FurNIC

What is FurNIC?

FurNIC a so called Network Information Center. A NIC is a group running one or more Top Level Domains (TLDs) by providng DNS (Domain Name Service) Servers and Domain registatrion and basic management. FurNIC is an indepented NIC running the "unoffical" (not ICANN) TLD ".fur".

Our services:


I just updated the whois server. It can not include information from external data prividers. This allowed me to add support to show user information based on the Registrant/Admin/Tech user IDs.

--- ph3-der-loewe 2016-01-06

Today the re-structuring did one of it's biggest steps forward. At the board meeting of Fellig e.V. FurNIC was offically voted to be part of the newly founded Fellig e.V. which will work a little like a umbrella organisation. Also the new Terms of Service were on vote and got accepted.

Next steps will be to reorganize the team and formalizing the peering with OpenNIC.

--- ph3-der-loewe 2014-03-15

Internal re-structuring has lately got a lot forward. I hope it will be done after the next board meeting. After that we plan to formalize our relationship with OpenNIC some more.

Also we moved to new servers as our old hoster shut down. The transition was well and smooth.

--- ph3-der-loewe 2014-03-13

Currently we are building a legal infrastructure of German law around FurNIC. This takes a lot of time so we do not have the time for more intensive updates of this website at the moment. Normal maintainance is of cause not affected by this. The website will be updated as soon as we get some time to do that.

In addition to our internal re-structing we work more closely with OpenNIC in order to have a stable peering with them. FurNIC's Top Level Domain (TLD) '.fur' is allready resovable by most OpenNIC servers. The OpenNIC TLDs are also supported by some of the FurNIC's servers and they will hopefully supported by the ones left in near future, too.

--- ph3-der-loewe 2009-08-20





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